The Series

You would be utterly amazed at how often I get asked the question, “When is the next book going to come out?” Or, “Are you working on the second book?” Or, any similar variation. Nearly every single day, somebody somewhere asks me this type of question, and it creates a relatively daunting pressure.

So, for those of you out there desperately interested in the 2nd installment, I need your help.

Due to the financial constraints of self-publishing The Letters, I really can’t even begin to think about publishing The Eulogy until all of, or most of, the copies I have remaining of The Letters get sold. So, I really need your help selling these books. I have listed a few ways below that you can help. This list obviously isn’t exhaustive, so if you have any other ideas, feel free to implement them or share them with me via the “Contact Us” page on this site.

Some ways to help me sell The Letters:

* Buy a copy or copies for your own personal distribution (i.e. Christmas, Easter, birthday, graduation, pastor appreciation gifts, etc.)

* Share this website and my blog with EVERYBODY in your email address book and strongly encourage them to buy at least 1 copy of The Letters. Also, please encourage everybody in your email address book to then encourage everybody in their address book to share the site. I’d like to create a chain of visitors to my site that grows exponentially.

* I plan to make contributions to my blog on a regular basis, mainly to share any type of divine revelations with which God may bless me, but also to hopefully develop a following/readership that can extend way beyond the ordinary readership of The Letters. So please encourage anybody who enjoys spiritual-type devotions/instruction/readings to become a regular reader of my blog, located at

* Encourage the pastor of your church to allow me to come share my testimony during one of your church’s services.

* If you have a website or blog, tell others about this website, my blog, and the book. If you have a blog that you use to generate clientele for a business, I would be happy to do co-op advertising with you.

* Share with others about The Letters on your FaceBook page, Twitter, through email, or any other similar site.

* Tell anyone and everyone about the book, encouraging them to visit this site.

* If you own a store or restaurant or business, or know someone who does, encourage them to put a small distribution stand on the counter by the register. I’d be happy to sell them at 50% discount to the store.

* If you know anybody who is influential as a speaker or author or any such capacity that has a voice within our society, please encourage them to read The Letters and perhaps endorse or comment on the book on their website or within their circle of readers/fans/etc.

* Send fan letters to TBN or affiliate television shows or stations or radio stations, who regularly have authors as guests to share their story/testimony.

* Basically, anybody and everybody who could possibly influence someone to help spread the word about The Letters, please tell them about this site, the book itself, the future projects, etc. God has used this book to reach so many already, and I truly believe He is not finished with it yet.

* Share about the book on any email lists or forums on which you are a regular contributor.


* And, lastly, and most importantly, please add The Letters and me personally to your regular prayer list, for God to bless this endeavor to reach others for His Kingdom.